10 Ways FlexApp Has Raised the Bar for Layering

imagesEvery feature that has been incorporated in Liquidware FlexApp is in the product because either a customer has requested it or our experienced development and product management teams knows first-hand how important it is to a provide a seamless, enterprise, and scaleable application layering solution.

FlexApp layering has emerged as a leader as a scalable enterprise-ready layering solution. If you are evaluating layering solutions or working on a RFP (Request for Proposal), consider a solution that leads the market with multiple ways to save time, make users more efficient, and save money.

Here are 10 exclusive ways that FlexApp sets the bar for application layering in the industry.

  1. Package Once – Once you package an application it simply works across any supporting Windows OS including Windows 7/Server 2012r2 and multiple versions of Windows 10/Server 2016.
  2. Application Layering focused solution – FlexApp focuses on delivering applications that are truly dynamic. This instant layering of applications allows you to keep them separate from the Windows OS image. It enables you to greatly minimize the number of base images you maintain while managing/updating them by any traditional means including Citrix PVS and MCS.
  3. Easy Package Editing – FlexApp provides you with an easy method to edit a package or modify captured registry keys, a great time-saver for administrators that don’t want to repackage apps just because something as simple as a registry key needs to be modified.
  4. One application per layer – While multiple apps per layer is possible, FlexApp’s one app per layer methodology makes packaging and managing applications easy and less time-consuming. Applications remain modular and easily updated rather than encumbered with other apps.
  5. Click-to-layer (AKA Applications on Demand) – enables FlexApp to make literally dozens of application layers available to users with minimal impact on login performance.
  6. Micro Isolation – makes packaging applications that have file conflicts work seamlessly.
  7. FastPackaging™ – FlexApp’s packaging process is the fastest in the industry. Up to 10x per app faster!
  8. Fully integrated UEM – ProfileUnity makes it easy to manage related application challenges, including profiles, registry entries, privilege elevation, and application restrictions.
  9. Built-in High-Availability – No load balancers or cache points are necessary. FlexApp is highly resilient and includes software options for high availability across multiple management servers.
  10. Physical desktop support – FlexApp not only supports delivery to VDI, RDSH, and Citrix XenApp, applications can be layered to well-managed desktops as well.

You can easily try FlexApp today. Many organizations have FlexApp up and layering in under two hours (which could have been reason #11). Download your trial at www.liquidware.com/download now.

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