Imprivata and Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity Deliver Efficient and Secure Sign on Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have some of the most mobile workforces anywhere. As doctors, nurses, and technicians move from room to room, building to building, or campus to campus, they need fast, secure, and reliable workstations to log on to in order to do their jobs efficiently.

To accomplish this, many Imprivata and Liquidware Labs healthcare customers are delivering secure virtual and physical desktops with Single Sign On, robust User Environment Management, and Application Layering capabilities. I recently worked with the product management team at Imprivata to publish documentation in order to share with the world how dozens of healthcare organization are using our solutions together. Our combined solutions ensure a seamless sign-on and login experience for tens of thousands of users in production worldwide.

Imprivata OneSign gives care providers fast and easy access to their desktops and EHR solutions such as Epic, Cerner, and Paragon by McKesson. By combining desktop virtualization with single sign-on, hospitals can provide clinicians with a roaming desktop that follows them throughout the day – increasing their productivity.

To ensure an efficient logon process and to deliver select applications, many Imprivata customers also use ProfileUnity and FlexApp. These solutions enable both full User Environment Management and optional Application Layering for any Windows desktop including Citrix and VMware based virtual desktops. ProfileUnity enables a follow-me persona that can automatically detect the location and context when a healthcare staff member signs onto the desktop or workstation through traditional means or with Imprivata OneSign. The users’ profile, policies, access to data and location-aware printing are then instantly configured. Additionally, desktop/workstation features can be locked down to ensure the desktop and environment remains secure and compliance regulations are kept intact.


Imprivata and Liquidware Labs Solutions Enable Seamless Single Sign-on and Efficient Customized Logins.

Imprivata, ProfileUnity, and FlexApp work seamlessly together to deliver the secure and fast logon experiences that today’s healthcare organizations demand.

For more information see this web page on the Liquidware Labs site. We also recently published a joint solution brief with Imprivata that is available here. Customers of Imprivata and/or Liquidware Labs can choose their solutions with confidence knowing that they are in use by numerous hospitals and healthcare organizations worldwide.

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