A Quick Way to get user group objects with powershell

This quick powershell script against your profileUnity security group will tell you how many members are a part of this group. This also includes nested groups. It will also remove any computer objects or disabled accounts from the final count as well.

Run as admin

import-module ActiveDirectory
$membercount=Get-ADGroupMember -recursive “YOURADGroup” | Where {$_.ObjectClass -eq “user”} | get-aduser | Where {$_.Enabled -eq $true}

Windows User Logins Slow? How ProfileUnity Speeds Windows Login Times.

ProfileUnity is a robust User Environment Management solution that is extremely efficient. Profiles are stored in users’ replicated file shares when offline. This is the same location that user authored mission critical business data is stored in so it’s a great place to store profiles as well. There are no SQL databases additional servers needed to scale to tens of thousands of users like we have at many government institutions, businesses, and telecom companies. Continue reading