VDI Should NOT Look Like Frankenstein!

We’ve recently seen others imitate our Liquidware Labs Essentials bundle in an attempt to have the breadth and depth of solutions that we offer the VDI market. The common theme is to provide Visibility, User Environment Management (and some include App Layering), and an increase in performance through a huge boost in IOPS. These vendor partnerships look good but the effect is disparate solutions that are cobbled together to look like they add value. I really like them all and firmly believe that each of those solutions have something to offer the VDI market.

The only problem with the “marketing alliances” approach to imitate our Essentials bundle is that the combined price can lead to sticker shock for customers. Add up the license costs of all of those solutions and you are easily at or over USD $300!  Now add in the cost of the a top VDI license from Citrix or VMware and you are well over $1,000! That can really affect your ROI and break the numbers for justifying VDI.


A cobbled together VDI solution reminds me of a limo once spotted in the UK.

One social media guru even Tweeted that the approach makes VDI look a bit of a Frankenstein model today but it does not have to be that way.

Only Liquidware Labs offers one convenient and cost-effective bundle for VDI.  Visibility (Stratusphere UX), User Environment Management (ProfileUnity), and IOPS Acceleration (Flex-IO). With Liquidware Labs you also get Application Rights Management (included with ProfileUnity) and advanced features not found in the competition like FlexApp Application Layering.

This convenient bundle is called Liquidware Labs Essentials.  Oh yeah, I should mention that the license cost is only $89 for the entire bundle!  Accept no substitutes, go with the leader that is proven at thousands of customer sites. Go with the leader that pioneered the Desktop Transformation bundle in 2009. Go with Liquidware Labs!

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