Come out of the Shadows- You have Hybrid Desktops

Admit it already! You are a dynamic organization in a highly competitive industry. You have Windows desktops, maybe even a few Macs that also run Windows virtualization when they have to. You may even be expanding a desktop project that involves virtual desktops or RDSH published applications. You’ve gathered around the conference room table with your peers and admitted, “no one desktop type is right for everyone. We’re going to end up with some of everything….a Hybrid Desktop delivery method.” Then it sinks in and you think to yourself, “This is going to be a nightmare to manage.” Perhaps you even consider having a dedicated virtual desktop Administration team, a Citrix/RDSH Administrator team, and you’ll still need a team to focus on physical desktops.

Has reality sunk in? You have a Hybrid Desktop organization on your hands. The first step in getting help is admission so don’t be shy.

Hybrid Desktops are the reality of nearly every single enterprise size deal Liquidware Labs engages with. You’ve got Windows desktops and you’ve got some of everything; physical, virtual, Citrix, RDSH, and laptops. Are the users on those desktops going to be single desktop type users? Probably not all of them. Many will use more than one desktop or access published applications from a server.

The “Hybrid Desktop” approach is necessary to deliver the best desktop for each user that is right for their task. But the Hybrid Desktop equates to many disparate user experiences, multiple desktops per user to troubleshoot and support, and no way to migrate users from one type of desktop to the next.

So face reality, your organization is a Hybrid Desktop organization. Our advice is to start managing your desktops accordingly. Single User Environment Management and User Experience Metrics across all desktops will make your overall desktop management easier, more efficient, and users more productive.

Liquidware Labs flagship products, ProfileUnity and Stratusphere UX work across any Windows desktop delivery method and across virtually any Windows OS type. Together the products provide seamless User Environment Management and User Experience visibility that can be centrally managed and tracked from desktop to desktop.

How Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity unifies Hybrid Desktops:


ProfileUnity eases user management and on-boarding across any desktop delivery method or OS type.

• One single profile across all Windows desktop types and delivery methods – zero user migrations keep productivity high
• Provides consistent access to user authored data in the local or distant cloud
• Centralized policy management across all desktops
• Context aware profiles and policies that dynamically adapt to the users location or desktop type

How Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX provides User Experience Visibility Across all Windows Desktops:

• Baseline and monitor the user experience of your users—regardless of the desktop model(s) they employ.
• Periodically trend and optimize your user tiers and delivered applications; to ensure happy customers and to reap the full ROI from your efforts
• Base your monitoring, diagnosis, optimization and remediation efforts on trendable user-centric views that validate the user experience (don’t rely on contributing infrastructure to define and quantify the experience users are realizing on your hybrid-delivered workspaces).

Managing users and user experience with standardized solutions eases migrations and also makes user transitions from one desktop to the next seamless.  Most organizations already have hybrid desktops, take steps today to start managing them accordingly with 25 FREE licenses of Liquidware Labs Essentials today!