Bringing Sexy Back! The Wait for the Start Menu in Win 8.x is Over!

When ProfileUnity v6.0 is available this month (July 2014) there will be several new features. One small yet very requested feature that will be included is an optional classic Windows 7-like Start Menu for Windows 8.x.SnipImage

That’s right, ProfileUnity is bringing back a real Start Menu for Win 8.x that looks and feels just like the original. If you’ve tried to use Windows 8.x you know first-hand that there is a learning curve involved with the Metro interface and that it can be very difficult to find Windows options without training. Many of our customers have told us that they’d directly benefit from a Windows classic Start Menu in Windows 8.x. The consensus is that it will directly boost user productivity and adoption of the new OS from day one when there is an upgrade or migration. Continue reading