Boot and Login Visibility: Make a Solid First Impression with Stratusphere

They say you only get one opportunity to make a first impression. In the world of end-user workspaces, that first impression is cast during the machine boot and login process. Keep Calm LoginAnd while login and boot delay affect both physical and virtual machines alike, it is the latter that takes the brunt of the finger pointing—“It must be VDI that is causing my machine to boot so slowly. It never did this before.” We all understand the last technology change must be the cause for any differences in performance of user experience.

This perception tends to be one of the top reasons why workspace transformation projects come under fire. Misdirected finger pointing is a challenge we all face, and one that Stratusphere UX can help you avoid. In this post and by way of example, we will present our machine boot and login process breakdown inspector. Among other things, it can help you cast that solid first impression and ensure you’re using the transformation process itself to help understand and gain visibility into boot and login delays. Continue reading