Is VMware’s new bundle for Citrix customers a transparent “Trojan Horse” ?

Today’s accepted definition of a “Trojan Horse” is a person or thing intended to secretly undermine or bring about the downfall of an enemy or opponent. As we all know, this originated from the tale of the Trojan War.

In this tale, the Greek attack strategy was to use their “Trojan Horse” in an attempt to infiltrate the formidable walls surrounding the City of Troy.  The key to their strategy was that their soldiers were hidden in the wooden horse “gift.” They waited for nightfall to exit the horse, then opened the gates of Troy from the inside letting the rest of the Greek army in to decimate the City of Troy and ultimately end the war.

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Introducing ProfileDisk and its Wonder Twin Profile Portability!

ProfileUnity v6.5 with FlexApp application layering is now in Release Candidate 1 and we plan to have the GA ready in in just a few weeks. There are so many cool new features in ProfileUnity v6.5 but today I want to introduce ProfileDisk. ProfileDisk is a new option in ProfileUnity to deliver the entire profile as a layer from an attached user VHD or VMDK. Normal problems associated with profile redirection are avoided. In fact, the profile layer is so transparent that the OS does not realize that it is not on the local drive. It’s primary use case though is the ability to make a user profile “look” persistent even on a non-persistent desktop. Extended logon times from solutions that stream bits of a profile or replay an entire profile (because the machine is non-persistent) can be avoided because Windows sees that a profile is already on the machine. Continue reading