I was told there would be no math !!!

I remember those days back in school when my teacher would ramble at the chalkboard explaining some new concept or theory and then my marveling at the equations she used to document the solution. Simple. Beautiful.  I was (and am) a math nerd.


If you can measure it – you can manage it. Andy Grove @Intel


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Stratusphere UX 5.6.2 Brings Enhanced Excel Exports

With the recent release of Liquidware Labs’ Stratusphere UX version 5.6.2, new enhancements were made to the Preview Inspectors Excel Export functionality. The Preview Inspectors provide a powerful interface to quickly search for and analyze the Stratusphere metric data that you need. With the excel export functionality you can now take that data offline to excel so you can do further analysis or for distribution and archive. Continue reading

New Preview Inspectors Filters and Views in Stratusphere UX 5.6

In the release of Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX 5.6 there are two key enhancements made to the Preview Inspectors. They are, first the addition of Filtering and second the enhancement of Inspector Views. These new updates continue to make the Preview Inspectors more robust with more flexibility. They provide you the ability to get to the exact data required easier and faster. Continue reading

Stratusphere UX and vCenter Operations Best Practices

The Stratusphere UX vCenter Operations adapter feeds many unique desktop and user experience metrics to VMware vCenter Operations. There you can leverage the vCops dashboards and analytics engine using the Stratusphere metrics with other vCops data to provide a single overview of your environment. Continue reading

Deploying Stratusphere UX Network Stations to vSphere with PowerShell

Deploying Stratusphere UX Network Stations to vSphere with PowerShell

One of the benefits you have when running Liquidware Labs Stratusphere UX is to ability to capture metric data about your virtual network.  This includes Network Latency (NRT) and Network Application Response Time (ART) between device connections. Stratusphere UX gathers this data using a special Virtual Machine called a Network Station. The Network Station is installed on each of your virtual hosts and captures network traffic using a promiscuous port on your virtual network.  This data is then sent to and consolidated on your Stratusphere UX Hub for reporting and analysis. Continue reading

Stratusphere UX 5.5 Preview Inspectors Updates

Stratusphere UX 5.5 Preview Inspectors Updates

With the release of Stratusphere 5.5 we have implemented a number of important changes to the UX Preview Inspectors. These changes are designed to provide a faster and improved user experience, as well as provide additional functionality and deliver much more robust data. The goal being to provide an interface where you can easily and quickly find the all the data you need regarding your environment. This will enable you to better understand what is occurring and what metrics influence your users and desktops. Continue reading

Stratusphere UX Alerts

Stratusphere UX Alerts

 Stratusphere UX is a monitoring and diagnostic tool that defines and captures a significant amount of desktop and user based metrics and desktop user experience. Its unique UX rating helps identify those desktops and users who and are working well in your environment and those who may have some issues. You can then use Stratusphere UX inspectors and reports to help determine what metrics are at risk to help research the root cause. Continue reading

New vCops Feeds Introduced in Stratusphere UX 5.4

Today Liquidware Labs released, Stratusphere UX  version 5.4. The new release included some important new features and enhancements. The full list is outlined in the Stratusphere 5.4 Release Notes.

One new feature added that I wanted to highlight is the introduction of new data feeds to VMware vCenter Operations (vCops). Previously the Liquidware Labs adapter’s feed would group its metrics by Stratusphere User Groups only. Now in 5.4 there are 3 options for grouping exported metrics to vCops. Continue reading

Stratusphere UX Workload Ranking

Stratusphere UX Workload Ranking

In the Stratusphere UX Preview Inspectors we introduced a new metric called Workload Ranking. This is an important new metric that can provide an easy look at which users and desktops are consuming the most resources in your environment. What is really nice about it is you can see this without having to review all of the different resource metrics individually. Workload ranking looks at them for you in one overall metric. Continue reading

Stratusphere UX Preview Inspector Graphs

In the Stratusphere UX 5.3 release we introduced new graphs to the Preview Inspectors. These are interactive graphs with a number of different functions and features that I wanted to look at in more detail.

To get started with the new graphs you need to enable viewing for them. When looking at the Preview Inspectors you can enable the the various graphs by clicking the Toggle Graphs icon in the top grey bar.graphs-1 Continue reading