David Bieneman – Co-Founder and CEO
David Bieneman has a track record of success in virtualization startup companies, having launched Vizioncore Inc. in 2002 as a software development company focused on enhancing Citrix Systems. At Vizioncore, he led a talented team of technology professionals through professional service consulting engagements and product development that solidified Vizioncore’s reputation for excellence. In early 2004, after recognizing a gap existed in the burgeoning virtualization industry for software tools to support VMware ESX Server, he led the development of esxRanger (subsequently vRanger) to handle hot backups and recovery of virtual machines. Vizioncore grew to a multi-million dollar business that set the standard for image back-ups and disaster recovery in the virtualization community. In 2007, Vizioncore was acquired by Quest Software, and David left to found Liquidware Labs to innovate new solutions to address next-generation virtual and physical desktops. With more than 20 years’ experience working with thin client and virtualization technologies, David is very active in architecting cutting-edge technologies to complement existing virtualization platforms and enjoys engaging the user community as a presenter on a range of topics including VDI and desktop transformation best practices. David remains passionate about the business benefits that virtualization brings to organizations, both large and small, and is often a featured speaker at industry events.

J.Tyler “T. Rex” Rohrer – Co-Founder Liquidware Labs
Tyler Rohrer co-founded Liquidware Labs after leaving a key role within VMware’s Enterprise Desktop Team. Previously, he was a partner at FOEDUS, a very successful consulting organization that was acquired by VMware in 2008. Tyler’s professional services experience and knowledge within VDI deployments is legendary. As an evangelist and recognized authority on the topic, he is a regular contributor to industry forums and speaks nationally on topics such as application and desktop virtualization, as well as Cloud Computing. As an economist, technologist, futurist, and theoretical physicist – his perspectives and counsel on advanced desktop architectures are sought after by the largest corporations in the world.

Jason Mattox – CTO
Jason Mattox is known for his world-class knowledge and leadership in virtual end user computing. From the early 1990s, he was building on-demand desktops in server based computing environments with users hosted in the datacenter. As a founding member of the team, Jason spent almost nine years at Vizioncore as CTO prior to its acquisition by Quest Software where he continued to serve as the Director and Chief Technologist through early 2011. Jason regularly contributes to industry blogs on a number of virtualization topics and remains excited about using his considerable expertise to build affordable, yet scalable enterprise level software to bring desktop virtualization to the masses.

Grace Krokidas – VP, Worldwide Marketing
Grace Krokidas joined Liquidware Labs as Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. In this role, she is tasked with building on the company’s successes to increase its visibility with media and analysts, as well as to drive awareness and education for customers and collaboration with partners. Grace was a force in making Vizioncore a “household name” in the virtualization community by providing strong support for the user groups, bloggers and evangelists who launched themselves in the early days of the industry. Previous to Vizioncore, she created marketing strategy and channel programs for Zebra Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Ricoh Business Systems and DeVry University, among others. She has an MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management and a B.A. in Communications from Loyola University in Chicago.

Pete Del Rey – Technology Evangelist
Pete Del Rey is a long time Virtualization Industry veteran. Pete was a founding employee of PHD Virtual in 2006 and was a key factor in the launch of the esXpress backup software for VMware and the rapid growth of PHD Virtual in the industry. Pete held many leadership and management positions throughout the growth of PHD Virtual. He has also active in the Vmware and XenServer community boards and you will see him under the board name ‘petedr’. In August of 2011 Pete joined Liquidware Labs of as a Technology Evangelist. In 2012 and 2013 Pete was named a VMware vExpert which is a title is given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the community of VMware users over the past year. In addition Pete has been a VMware VMTN forum Moderator since June of 2012.

Jason E.  Smith – Director of End User Solutions
Jason has led and advised numerous successful systems management and security technology companies for more than 15 years. In addition to his long running role as a marketing consultant in the industry, he currently serves as Product Director for Liquidware Labs’ leading User and Application Virtualization solution.

Chris Walker – Sales Engineer
Chris is an established IT veteran and virtualization monitoring expert who has been involved with integration initiatives for 20+ years. Chris has worked on many mission-critical systems upgrade projects for the healthcare, medical and legal industries, where he was responsible for high- end network design as well as designing storage area networks and server virtualization solutions to support critical high availability applications.

Kevin Cooke – Director Product Marketing and Management
Kevin Cooke is the Director of Product Marketing and Management at Liquidware Labs, where he champions Stratusphere solutions and helping organizations reap the transformational benefits of virtual desktop infrastructure. Kevin has spent some time in the trenches as an IT professional, and as a solution provider, driving virtualization and next-generation data center architectures. Prior to this, he worked as an editor and journalist at a couple of well-known industry publications—needless to say, he has opinions and isn’t afraid to share them.

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