HUGE Innovations now GA in Liquidware FlexApp v6.8.6 – Nothing Compares to FlexApp!

In case you missed it this week, we unveiled FlexApp v6.8.6, a groundbreaking update that redefines application delivery and user experience in today’s hybrid and remote work environments.

Offline FlexApp: Uninterrupted Productivity Anytime, Anywhere

In today’s “work from anywhere” world, network connectivity can be unpredictable, especially for users on the go. With FlexApp Offline, we’ve expanded offline capabilities to traditional FlexApp packages, ensuring users can access their critical applications even when connectivity is limited. This feature is a game-changer for field workers, remote employees, and those operating in areas with unreliable internet access. While attached Windows applications could already go offline with the self-contained “FlexApp One” format, this capability has now been extended to traditional FlexApp packages.

OAuth Support: Fortifying Application Security with Zero Trust

Application security is paramount in today’s threat landscape, and FlexApp v6.8.6 empowers organizations to implement a robust Zero Trust framework. Our new OAuth support seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), enabling organizations to enforce granular access controls and secure applications against unauthorized user access. This feature aligns seamlessly with Zero Trust strategies, ensuring that only validated users can access applications, regardless of network connectivity.

FlexApp One Memory Caching: Boosting Performance for Demanding Applications

Large, memory-intensive applications can strain system resources and impact user experience. FlexApp One Memory Caching leverages session memory to boost the performance of these applications, significantly reducing load times and enhancing user productivity. This feature is particularly valuable for organizations that rely on resource-intensive applications in their daily operations.

FlexApp Automated Packaging 1.5 – Further Streamlining Application Packaging at Scale

FlexApp Automated Packaging is the industry’s only fully automated application packaging system, and now it’s even better with version 1.5. This update includes support for FlexApp One packages, enhanced compatibility, auto-optimized capture machines, and continuous packaging capabilities. FlexApp Automated Packaging is ideal for organizations that manage large application portfolios, enabling them to automate the packaging process and ensure that applications are always up to date.

Setting the Standard for Enterprise Efficiency and Performance

FlexApp v6.8.6 delivers an unmatched level of application management, delivery, and user experience optimization. With features like offline FlexApp, OAuth support, FlexApp One memory caching, and FlexApp Automated Packaging 1.5, we’re setting a new standard for enterprise efficiency and performance.

Experience the Future of Digital Workspace Management

Learn more about FlexApp v6.8.6 and how it can transform your digital workspace, visit our website today. FlexApp is the most innovative application delivery solution for Windows and in use by numerous mid-size to very large enterprises today. The solution supports Citrix, Microsoft AVD, Windows 365, VMware Horizon, and any Windows platform, including physical PCs and Laptops. What are you waiting for!? FlexApp One packages are so easy you can try them over a cup of coffee here by downloading a sample app and double-clicking on it!