CommandCTRL -The Helpdesk Remediation Solution you have been waiting for!

As we know more and more people are working from anywhere. Gartner states that currently 50% of employees will continue to work remotely and this continues to rise. According to IDC by 2024, mobile workers will account for nearly 60% of the total US workforce. This is a massive shift from Pre Pandemic.

Support any worker anywhere with CommandCTRL.

While this gives employees freedom and flexibility, it also increases IT Admins’ workload and creates new challenges in managing endpoints located anywhere.

To assist with this increased workload Liquidware will release CommandCTRL™ in Q2 of 2023, a powerful and innovative solution designed to allow IT to be able to monitor and remediate remote endpoints from anywhere.

CommandCTRL is a SaaS solution, so there are no infrastructure requirements and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. As it is cloud-based it can scale to whatever your requirements and you can support users anywhere in the world. As it’s a SaaS solution, your admin can be anywhere and all they need to access the console is a browser!

The console provides you with Real-Time Metrics for the following:

• CPU Usage
• Memory Usage
• Disk Usage
• Network
• Identity Location
• Wi-Fi
• Plus much more…

CommandCTRL’s intuitive GUI helps to quickly remediate helpdesk calls.

While CommandCTRL displays real-time data metrics it can do so much more; such as killing off rogue processes or start, stop or restart services all via the console. You can even open up a PowerShell, CMD, or Bash session, and all of this can be achieved without interrupting the user by needing to take control of their endpoint. Of course, if you do need to take control this can be achieved using the built-in Quick Assist, Remote Assistance, and Teleconferencing options.

A key feature of CommandCTRL is the DVR-like functionality, this is extremely powerful and allows an Admin to go back in time and review what metrics were displayed at a particular point in time and this data is retained for 30 days. This is incredibly helpful in the troubleshooting process and dramatically reduces the time to resolution.

We will be releasing many more new and exciting features for the CommandCTRL beta, so stay tuned for a series of videos where I will go into detail and demonstrate each of the solution’s key features as we get closer to the launch date.

You can get in on the benefits of using CommandCTRL today by applying for the BETA!

Display protocol helps troubleshoot performance quickly.

For example get access to all the latest features, we just dropped Display Protocol on Friday!

With the Display Protocol, you can display metrics for Citrix, VMware and Microsoft remoting protocols.

Finally we now have an MSI package available to make it easier to deploy CommandCTRL.

For the next several weeks, there will be a weekly drawing for a $50 dollar Amazon gift card. All you have to do is complete the Beta Survey to have a chance to win.

Visit our Beta registration page to sign up now!

5 Ways Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 are Better with FlexApp!

Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 Cloud PC are sure to gain even further traction in 2023. Liquidware has been a leading Microsoft Alliance partner in Microsoft’s ecosystem since and before the introduction of these virtual and SaaS based solutions. Liquidware FlexApp is an especially great fit for AVD and Cloud PC because you can deploy apps without modifying base images, or even needing to restart user instances.

Here are five reasons Liquidware FlexApp and Microsoft AVD and Windows 365 are better together:

  1. Layering of applications: FlexApp allows for the attached layering of applications within a virtual environment, while AVD allows for the virtualization of the entire desktop environment. Together, these technologies can provide a more flexible way to manage and deliver applications to users.
  2. Improved Application Compatibility: FlexApp allows for applications to be delivered in a layered format, which can improve compatibility between different versions of applications and operating systems. FlexApp is 70% more compatible with Windows applications than MSIX alone.
  3. Centralized Management: Windows 365 Enterprise allows for centralized management and deployment of applications, which can streamline the process of delivering and updating applications to users. Azure AD managed Cloud PCs have simplified remote worker Windows management and Liquidware FlexApp can be 100% Microsoft Intune managed with it’s FlexApp One self-contained application format.
  4. Security and Compliance: Windows 365 offers additional security and compliance features that can be beneficial in a virtualized environment, FlexApp and AVD can help to protect the company’s data and applications from unauthorized access by limiting application access by time of day, location, or any context aware rule.
  5. Increased Flexibility: FlexApp and AVD provide a more flexible way to deliver and manage applications, allowing users to access applications from any device, and providing administrators with the ability to quickly update and deliver new applications to users.

If you are an enterprise Windows administrator you don’t need to stop at five benefits of using Liquidware FlexApp with Microsoft AVD and Windows 365, there are many more! Download your fully functioning trial version and experience the simplicity and ease of deploying and updating apps with FlexApp today.

2023: The State of the End User Computing – A Liquidware Unplugged Special Edition!

Microsoft’s Scott Manchester and ESG’s Gabe Knuth will join us on January 24 at 10:15 am (Central Time) for our next Liquidware Unplugged to discuss the state of EUC (End User Computing) in 2023. As the host, I’ll also be joined by James O’Regan, Product Marketing Manager at Liquidware and longtime Citrix User Group (CUGC) Leader.

Big changes have occurred in the end user computing industry in the past year. Microsoft has continued to innovate with Windows 365/Cloud PC and Windows AVD adoption is growing. Long-time platform leaders Citrix and VMware are undergoing radical company changes in the wake of being acquired, while also embracing Windows 365 and AVD. Analysts are fielding many questions from concerned clients about the future of innovation within both Citrix and VMware, with particular consternation surrounding future investment in VMware’s EUC suite under the planned Broadcom ownership.

Gabe recently wrote a superb analysis of the desktop virtualization market that really summed up the current chaos.  And, of course, Scott recently took on the mantle of director of product management for both AVD and Windows 365.

Liquidware Unplugged webinars are LIVE interactive panelist and participant sessions. This is a great opportunity for you to directly ask these industry experts what is going to happen this year and beyond.

Insider tip: Join us 15 minutes early on that day when we start with an informal chat amongst the panelists and then get into the real conversation at 10:15 am Central.

Register here to join us and be part of this interactive Liquidware Unplugged!

DATE: Tuesday, January 24, 2023

TIME: 10:15 a.m. Central Time


Scott Manchester, Microsoft Director of Product Management Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365
Gabe Knuth, Senior Analyst, End User Computing at Enterprise Strategy Group
James O’Regan, Local CUGC Leader and Liquidware Product Marketing Manager
Jason E. Smith (Host), Liquidware VP of Product Marketing & Alliances