Use Cases for Liquidware Stratusphere UX Expand with Latest Version Release

Last week, Liquidware,  the leader in digital workspace management, launched version  6.6  of its  premier digital experience monitoring solution. The latest version of Stratusphere UX includes the following critical features and metrics:

Windows 11 Hardware Compatibility Inventory

Last fall, Microsoft released the Windows 11 operating system. The new OS places restrictions on key resource components, including CPU Clock, Core #, bit width & generation, RAM, Display size, resolution, Direct X 12/WDDM 2, & Color Depth, and Security (UEFI & TPM 2.0), among others. Stratusphere UX collects information on each one of these restrictions for each machine in the company fleet to determine upgrade compatibility with this OS. It highlights each incompatibility after evaluating it. This provides guidance for planning whether to perform in place upgrades or image refresh that would involve reinstalling applications and/or restoring data.

Stratusphere UX supports Work from Anywhere WFX scenarios with expanded metrics data

Expanded Work from Anywhere Metrics

New Work from Anywhere (WFx) metrics have been added to Stratusphere UX 6.6, including machine location, user input delay and machine local user accounts. These metrics provide detailed information as to the exact location the user on the machine is working at as well as how well their local device is performing remotely. Now, issues arising due to location & distance that could cause slow latency are easier to identify. In addition, the local user accounts data indicates whether there are multiple user accounts on the local machine, their status (enabled/disable/locked), when did they login last, and, most importantly, if any of them have administrative privileges. Local accounts with administrative privileges create a potential security issue. Domain accounts can be managed remotely but local accounts present another security attack surface that could result in leakage of sensitive data for the organization.

Dashboard Widget Enhancement

A new Sankey Diagram widget has been added to the Dashboards, displaying data relationships in a one-to-many, many-to-many, and many-to-one visualization. This widget displays the interrelation of digital workspace components including application names, process names, versions, destination IP, machines, processes, and users in a digital workspace environment.

Updated OS

As part of its continued focus on security, Stratusphere UX now runs on Oracle Linux 8 operating system that replaced CentOS 8. The new Oracle Linux 8 operating system provides widespread compatibility across virtual and cloud platforms and has universally accepted Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) for compliancy within FED and DoD environments.

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Liquidware Receives Award for IGEL Collaboration

Liquidware has been recognized as IGEL Partner of the Year for its Collaboration with the edge OS provider. Stratusphere leads the market with digital experience metrics for any workspace and that includes edge OS endpoints such as IGEL OS. Liquidware’s team has gone above and beyond many other monitoring solutions to design a purpose built agent for IGEL and other Linux based endpoints (in addition to Windows). Last week IGEL recognized Liquidware as Partner of the Year for our collaboration which benefits joint customers. We are delighted to be recognized by our longstanding strategic alliance partner, IGEL, for our collaboration efforts!

We’ve been working together with IGEL since 2010 and one of the main points of our collaboration has been the integration of our digital experience monitoring solution, Stratusphere™ UX, into the IGEL operating system. This integration offers IT organizations greater insight into the end user desktop computing experience and give them the visibility they need to more effectively monitor and manage desktop performance.

Subsequently, last year we jointly launched our Repurposing Desktops to IGEL OS Powered by Stratusphere UX campaign. IGEL partnered with us to help organizations benefit from the security, performance, and costs savings of IGEL OS. We provide a FREE assessment to provide clear, concise and detailed information about an organization’s desktops to assist in making an informed decision on how to best repurpose them.

Continuing our joint collaboration, we recently jointly announced our co-sponsorship of a research report from Freeform Dynamics entitled “Modernizing the Digital Workplace.” You can read the press release here that contains the links to report from both Liquidware and IGEL. To complement this report, we are hosting alongside IGEL a webinar on April 12, where the report’s author, Bryan Betts, will join us.

We are proud to work with IGEL and as super proud of this recognition – thank you Team IGEL!!