Latest Version of Stratusphere UX now on Azure and AWS Marketplaces

The latest Stratusphere UX release (v. 6.1.4) has made it to both the Amazon Workspace Marketplace and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Amazon WorkSpaces Marketplace

You can find Stratusphere UX on the Amazon WorkSpaces Marketplace

The solution now provides focused support for AWS appliances.  And a new patented CID key adds support for Amazon AppStream.

Azure Marketplace

Stratusphere UX is now also featured on the Azure Marketplace.  The solution includes specialized CID keys to support WVD, as well as RFX metrics on Windows 7 (RDP 8) so they can take advantage of the RFX protocol.

EoS for Windows 7 makes this a good time to plan a migration to the cloud with Stratusphere UX.

Anyone considering moving their Windows desktop workloads to any cloud platform, can leverage Liquidware Stratusphere to conduct FIT assessments to determine their readiness to move to the cloud.   This information is critical in ensuring that the cloud environment has been sized properly to existing real-world desktop workloads and that the infrastructure can meet performance SLAs.

The end of Support for Windows 7 desktops makes this a critical time for customers to move workloads to Azure or pay stiff charges to continue to support physical environments.  So NOW is a very good time to consider and plan your migration strategy for Windows 7 with the help of a robust monitoring solution.

A good first step – especially if you’re new to hosting workloads in  cloud environments – is to conduct a Stratusphere assessment, which performs essential measurements of the existing environment and provides a FIT composite score that indicates the workload can move seamlessly to the new environment.    Anything less than a perfect A score means that some level of adjustment or remediation may be necessary.  This information ahead of time, saves countless hours and effort in the ultimate migration to the new cloud environment.

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