FlexApp Gets Bragging Rights vs. VMware App Volumes and Citrix App Layering in WhatMatrix Smackdown

The experts at WhatMatrix recently awarded Liquidware FlexApp first place when compared to standard/included Application Layering from VMware and Citrix.  Many criteria were considered and you can see the full report here.

“We compared these three products against some 140 key criteria in our rigorous evaluation of Application Layering software,” said Rory Monaghan, lead consultant at WhatMatrix. “Liquidware FlexApp emerged as community number one – with the richest feature set of all Application Layering products on the market.”


Liquidware FlexApp Garnered 1st Place in the WhatMatrix Test/Review

Liquidware is an alliance partner with both Citrix and VMware so you’d think that would put us in a delicate situation but it does not. VMware App Volumes and Citrix App Layering is included with certain bundles/levels of VMware Horizon and Citrix Desktop. Both can add good basic layering benefits for their customers.  Put simply, if you have one of those bundles/levels where you have access to App Volumes or App Layering we encourage you to try what you have. If the solution works for you that’s great! If you’re looking for something more then you are in luck because as a Citrix Ready verified solution and a VMware partner you have an option in the community with Liquidware FlexApp. If you are a VMware or Citrix customer here are some reasons that you may want to choose Liquidware FlexApp for application layering as an upgrade to other solutions:

  • Your organization may not have the bundle/level of VMware or Citrix where their application layering is offered.
  • You’ve found it more cost-effective for your organization to stick with the bundle you have and choose FlexApp Layering from Liquidware.
  • You may have considered Citrix App Layering but you’d rather have a solution that provides dynamic application layering that is not tied to OS image management.
  • You desire a FastPackaging™ approach like FlexApp because it automates the creation of virtual storage and then packages an app in about the same short time it takes to install the app once.
  • You don’t want to repackage apps for every Windows desktop OS version or Windows 10 variety, FlexApp packages are usually compatible across OS version types from Windows 7, 10.x, Server 2012/16/19.
  • You’re interested in FlexApp’s exclusive Click-to-Layer™ on-demand layering. This makes application publishing a breeze because it works seamlessly with RDS to provision applications without a system reboot. It also makes provisioning dozens of apps to a desktop have virtually zero impact on logon times.
  • You’re interested in FlexApp’s exclusive session isolation for RDS/RDmi that allows you to have one basic RDS OS image to which you can have any type of user logon. With Session Isolation in FlexApp, users can’t see other users’ applications. This significantly reduces the number of RDS servers you may be using and will greatly reduce base image management.
  • You are interested in advanced features such as Privilege Elevation, Application Restrictions, or admin level registry management that are in Liquidware’s integrated ProfileUnity solution.

There is a lot to consider when selecting the right Application Layering solution and WhatMatrix has done the hard work for you but we still encourage you to use what you have access to and then consider FlexApp if you are longing for more.

Going to Microsoft Inspire? Join our Speaking Session with Microsoft – RDS/RDmi Applications & User Profiles from Azure

Microsoft Inspire is their worldwide partner conference and it will be held at the Mandalay Bay Conference Center next week in Las Vegas – July 15-19, 2018.Capture

We’re proud to have been asked and to be participating in a speaking session on Remote Desktop Services (RDS): Partner business opportunities for hosting Windows desktops and applications on Microsoft Azure.

The panel will be chaired by Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager Lead, Remote Desktop Services, Clark Nicholson.

Liquidware delivered the first object based storage profile from Microsoft Azure (and Amazon S3 and Google Cloud) in ProfileUnity v6.7.6 earlier this year and plans to deliver the hosting of FlexApp layered applications from Azure later this quarter.  The technology leverages Azure API calls to host profiles and applications without the complexities and cost of a Server Message Block (SMB) storage. With its universal object-based cloud storage for Microsoft Azure and other popular cloud storage vendors, the pioneering solution frees user profiles and applications from on-prem to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) in a manner that allows for a seamless, zero user-downtime cut-over to DaaS.

We’re honored to be invited to join this panel and I look forward to demonstrating the value that Liquidware FlexApp and ProfileUnity adds to Microsoft RDS from Azure. In addition to FlexApp layering application delivery benefits in an RDS and Azure based environment, I’ll also be demonstrating the solution and participating in audience Q&A.

Catch this panel discussion “Remote Desktop Services (RDS): Partner business opportunities hosting Windows desktops and applications on Microsoft Azure,” session code AP148B, on Wednesday, July 18, 2:30 PM-3:30 PM PST, July 18, in Room 28 – Oceanside Ballroom G of the Mandalay Bay conference center.