Microsoft UE-V compared with “User Management”

Microsoft UE-V was launched some months ago and we have many in the community asking how it differs from full user management with ProfileUnity.

Microsoft UE-V is a profile solution that is in many ways Microsoft’s successor to Roaming Profiles.  The solution is similar in design to Citrix’s UPM (User Profile Management) solution.   UE-V is limited to only making a profile portable, its “profile portability” architecture is very similar to that offered by Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity.   Continue reading

Do You Need An Alternative To Roaming Profiles?

Roaming Profiles. Perhaps there has never been a more controversial Windows desktop management strategy. Microsoft developed Roaming Profiles in the 90s and it was born from the recognition that users would need to login to shared systems from more than desktop in the enterprise. The intentions behind this technology were a very good thing; however, the problems that ultimately came with it were not. Long logon times, corrupt profiles, limitations to what can be roamed, profile bloat, and other challenges have ensued. Continue reading